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As you probably noticed there are few entries in my blog that deal with usage of cglib. There was one thing though that kept me a bit frustrated – why wasn’t it possible to use JDK 1.5 generics when creating eg. new Ehnancer.

So I decided to add generics which could also get me more familiar with this library. My first step was to download source code from sourceforge and import into cglib-jdk15 repository on my github account. Afterwards I found out that AbstractClassGenerator contains inner Source class which uses caching mechanism for generated classes but unfortunately it wasn’t possible to add generic WeakHashMap without altering the code. Luckily this didn’t seem that much complicated – I just split cache into two separate caches – one for classes and one for References.

After everything was in place I could update Junit Tests and my code snippets blog entries with no more explicit casts.

Than I had a look at ant build script- in order to put generics version into the repository I wanted to use maven’s classifier but to achieve this a build script needed some more attention. It looked like its task could be replaced with maven tasks/conventions. It all worked – I could even generate „nodep” package but in this case I think that project structure still needs some attention.

Finally in order to build the project you can issue following command:

mvn clean install javadoc:javadoc jxr:jxr jxr:jxr-test site

As usual modfied source code available on github.

Binaries in my repository.